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June 2001

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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A crush on nitrogen  One of the more mundane seeming elements, nitrogen, can, when pressurized, form a semiconductor material. So say researchers at the Carnegie Institution of Washington writing in a short communication in Nature.

Raw deal for smokers  You either love it or hate it, but either way it seems that eating the Japanese favorite, sushi, could cut your risk of lung cancer, especially if you're a smoker.

Down the tubes US researchers are using the principle of molecular self-assembly to build nanoscale structures with specific dimensions and chemical properties. The resulting nanotubes could find applications in molecular wiring and other components for nanometer-sized electronic devices, new smart materials and in novel drug-delivery systems.

Protein for a longer life Forget vitamin supplements and anti-wrinkle creams, Tom Kirkwood's group at Newcastle University have found a way of enhancing nature's genome repair toolkit.
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Periodic Features

Antony Williams: What's coming in version 5.0? (PDF, 4.2 Mb)


ACD provides processing, analysis and prediction tools at the desktop for chemists and professional spectroscopists. Would you like to know what's new in version 5.0? Continue...

Antony Williams: Integrated Analytical Spectroscopy Management (PDF 8.83 Mb)

  Many large companies use ACD/SpecManager components across the enterprise – e.g. Pharmacia, Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Eastman-Kodak and many others. What are the further ACD spectroscopy software improvements for the enhanced integration to ChemDraw, MDL/ISIS and NuGenesis? Continue...

Antony Williams: Systematic Naming and Quality (PDF, 3.9 Mb)

  ACD offers nomenclature generation according to both IUPAC and CAS Index naming rules. Quality in Systematic Naming is our primary directive. Continue...

Robert S. DeWitte: ACD/I-Lab Something for Everyone (PDF, 298 Kb)

  ACD/I-Lab, the Interactive Laboratory offers access to our industry standard tools via an internet connection. Every user of I-Lab can find something for himself. Continue...
Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

If you are working on a fascinating formulation or a marvellous material, or perhaps you think your compound is simply cool, then tell us about it and visit our Gallery of Celebrity Molecules.


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