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July 2001

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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Virus and chips??A highly sensitive detector for viral nucleic acids has been developed by Israeli scientists for use in food quality control, medical diagnostics and in environmental testing. The system allows for reliable testing of a wide variety of pathogens without the need for high throughput techniques.
Zinc regulations??Our understanding of how zinc is transported in and out of cells has become clearer thanks to work by chemists at Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois. The insight will improve our knowledge of disorders involving zinc metabolism.
Diver down?Next time you are sipping on a glass of champagne or a frothy pint of beer, think of the diver physicists who study deep diving...
...but, don't think it is an academic task. The physics underlying bubble formation in the human body during deep, undersea dives has helped Los Alamos National Laboratory physicists devise a new system of dive tables that should make life much safer for divers.
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Periodic Features

M.E. Elyashberg, A.J. Williams, K.A. Blinov, S.G. Molodtsov, and E.R. Martirosian: An expert system for automated structure elucidation utilizing 1H-1H, 13C-1H and 15N-1H 2D NMR correlations (PDF, 219 Kb)


A software program for the automated structure elucidation of complex organic molecules using an expert system and utilizing 2D homo- and heteronuclear correlation 1H, 13C and 15N NMR spectroscopy is described. The methodology is illustrated on the basis of the automated structure determination of strychnine and some other examples. Continue...

Willem Windig, William Smith, Mary Goodberlet, and William Nichols (Eastman Kodak Company), Antony Williams, Vitaly Lashin, and Ilya Troitsky (ACD/Labs): Compare LCMS?- Extracting Component Differences in Similar LC/MS Data Sets (PDF, 1.38?Mb)

? The tools and processes described in this poster address the data-handling bottleneck in our LC/MS operations. Based on demonstrated efficiency gains, full implementation of this strategy will permit continued growth in our LC/MS applications using existing resources. Continue...

Timothy J. Nieuwenhuis, David M. Guido, Bruno J.D. Vansina, James E. Carlson, Olga V. Nemirovskiy, and W. Rodney Mathews (Pharmacia Corporation), Antony J. Williams (ACD/Labs): Using ACD/MS Manager Software for EI-MS Interpretation and Structural Confirmation of Oxazolidinones (PDF, 326 Kb)

? ACD/MS Manager is an efficient, effective software tool for the confirmation of molecular structures by EI-MS. MS Manager is also applicable to protonation ionization techniques such as CI, FAB, and ESI-MS. Continue...

See new Advanced Chemistry Development Catalogue: Mass Spectroscopy products (PDF, 2.8 Mb)

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