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September 2001

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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Drugs clearing becomes crystal clear??The structure of a key molecule that helps to clear drugs from cells has been determined by chemists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and GlaxoSmithKline.
The human genome is nothing to be sniffed at??An analysis of the draft human genome reveals that when it comes to olfaction, a sense of smell is nothing to be sniffed at, with with every nose containing an estimated 347 receptor candidates.
Water waste!?While environmental activists often make blanket statements about the wholesale banning of pesticides and herbicides, there is now evidence that much of their use could be wasted.
Lab-on-a-CD?A medical diagnostics kit based on a compact disk is being developed by scientists at Ohio State University. The CD carries sensors and other devices which medics can use to quickly analyze saliva, blood, urine and other biological samples, according to materials scientist Marc Madou.
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Periodic Features

Antony Williams: Completing the Cycle of Relating Systematic Names and Chemical Structures (PDF, 1.83 Mb)


We will report on a single integrated software suite which allows the generation of names using the two common standards of IUPAC and CAS Index rules as well as the ability to convert trivial names, IUPAC names and CAS Index names directly into chemical structures. We will review the success of a web-based IUPAC naming service which is accessed worldwide and presently generates hundreds of systematic names per day for chemists worldwide. Continue...

Michael McBrien, Antony Williams, Eduard Kolovanov: Application of physicochemical property prediction to HPLC method development (PDF, 828 Kb)

? The advent of accurate logP, pKa and logD prediction has led to a renaissance in modern chemical compound design. Huge numbers of compounds are evaluated prior to synthesis to determine their suitability for a given problem. The opportunity exists to turn this capability, and mindset, towards the problem of chromatographic method development. Continue...

Michael McBrien, Antony Williams, Eduard Kolovanov: Web- based and network distribution of chromatographic methods (PDF,?924?Kb)

? Chromatographic method development is inherently a time- consuming exercise. The "compartmentalization" of many organizations has exacerbated this problem by passing samples through various sectors without transferring chromatographic histories. ACD/ChromManager corrects this problem by disseminating complete sample information in a simple fashion. Whether through a substructure-searchable database or email, users can be provided with all of the relevant information for a sample. Continue...
Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

If you are working on a fascinating formulation or a marvellous material, or perhaps you think your compound is simply cool, then tell us about it and visit our Gallery of Celebrity Molecules.


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