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March 2002

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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  Piecing together viral shells  The cowpea mosaic virus makes farmers sick, or rather it makes their legumes sick and annoys them. But, chemists and molecular biologists at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla California like the virus.
  Mopping up cancer chemicals  Death rates from pancreatic cancer might one day be drastically reduced by a specially designed cell receptor that mops up growth factors released by a tumor.
  Dream away pain  A protein called DREAM has been discovered to have a critical role in pain perception, in mice at least, affecting how they feel heat, touch and inflammation.
  Fashionable and recycled  You might soon see recycled plastic water bottles on the catwalks if an effort to alleviate the landfill crisis becomes fashionable.
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Periodic Features

Robert DeWitte: Unexpected Returns from Unusual KM in Drug Discovery & Development (PDF file, 1 Mb)


One can achieve effective Knowledge Management (KM), by following the principles: integrate application of prior results to new cases, connect data that would otherwise go un-re-used, apply scientific intelligence in silico, hide unnecessary complexity, deliver it where they are. Continue...

Antony Williams, Michael McBrien, Vitaly Lashin: Transforming Data into Knowledge - LC, MS, UVVis and Chemometrics (PDF file, 1.89 Mb)


What is in my sample? How much? What do the contents of my sample mean? You can solve these problems by means of Chemometrics. Continue...

Michael McBrien: Weathering the Data Storm – MS Software Tools (MS Power Point presentation, ZIP file, 2.62 Mb)

  Structure-based LC/MS software system can provide useful tools for the analysis of unknown samples, peak searching for samples containing high background levels against commercial or in-house databases, library searching of both UV and MS spectra; higher degree of confidence when orthogonal results coincide. Continue...
Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

If you are working on a fascinating formulation or a marvellous material, or perhaps you think your compound is simply cool, then tell us about it and visit our Gallery of Celebrity Molecules.


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