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October 2002

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Diamonds of the river??A new source of diamonds could soon be unearthed in central Russia thanks to a novel isotope-hydrogeochemical technique developed by Russian scientists.
? Oxygen therapy for terpenes??An innovative approach to the oxidation of terpenes could open up new ways of making perfumes, flavourings, and pharmaceuticals, according to chemists in the UK.
? Greener ionic liquids??A greener-still class of room temperature ionic liquids to replace toxic and flammable organic solvents has been devised by German chemists.
? Sport and pat? don't mix?Eating pork before a sporting event could put the athletes at risk of testing positive for the outlawed drug nandrolone, according to Portuguese researchers.
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? SMASH 2002, September, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
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Robert S. DeWitte: Accelerating the Drug Discovery Process with Analytical Informatics (PPT, 7.08 Mb ZIP file)

Michael McBrien, Daria Jouravelva, Ed Kolovanov: High Throughput Chromatographic Method Selection (PDF, 931 Kb)

? ACD/Labs has developed a method to select between generic methods based on expected chemical structures. A database of successful separations is used to link generic methods to the sample types for which they are best suited. Continue...
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