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January 2003

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Storage site??Data density is what the latest organic chemistry is all about. Picture the information stored on 1500 of today's compact disks enclosed in a single CD. University of Arizona optical scientists are applying new probe microscopy techniques to organic materials to come up with the next generation of very fast, low-cost, and compact memory devices.
? Wake up and tune in??A drug originally designed to help soldiers stay awake during battle could also be used to boost brain power, according to Cambridge University researchers.
? Kicking up an extinction??Scientists have demonstrated that viruses, such as HIV, that rely on RNA rather than DNA to carry their genetic code, can be driven to extinction by treating infected cells with a chemical that makes them mutate.
? Insect sex?Insects can evolve new sex pheromone systems in a single leap rather than the more sluggish step by step process of evolution. The findings will probably be no great shakes to modern farmers using pheromone traps at least for the next few millennia, but the research does reveal just how fast and effective evolution can be.
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