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August 2003

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Two-faced Liquid Crystals??A new class of programmable liquid crystals could be used to make variable optical filters for laboratory instrumentation and digital cameras; they might even be used to treat dyslexia.
? The Miniature Rotarians??Tiny interlocking wheels are the components of a miniscule molecular rotor designed and built by UK chemists.
? Catalytic Gel??Gels are commonplace from lime Jell-o to invigorating minty shower gels. Now, a German-Dutch team has developed an organometallic complex that acts as a novel gelling agent for organic solvents.
? Liquorice versus SARS? An extract of liquorice root already used to treat HIV could become the first line of defence against a future outbreak of SARS, according to German researchers.
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Quindolinocryptotackieine: The Elucidation of a Novel Indoloquinoline Alkaloid Structure through the use of Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation and 2D NMR by Kirill Blinov, Mikhail Elyashberg, Eduard R. Martirosian, Sergey G. Molodtsov, Antony J. Williams, Maged M. H. Sharaf and Paul L. Schiff, Jr., Ronald C. Crouch, Gary E. Martin, Chad E. Hadden, and Jane E. Guido (PDF, 177 Kb).

Streamlining Separations. ACD/Labs Chromatographic Software Tools by Mike McBrien (PDF, 1730 Kb).

Measuring & Predicting: Achieving Accuracy and Throughput by Robert S. DeWitte (PDF, 1541 Kb).
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