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December 2003

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? The Virtual Rotarians??Rotary evaporators are ubiquitous in organic synthesis laboratories. They provide a means to remove solvent from a product mixture in the least time and without damaging the product.
? Airy magnets??Spanish researchers have created a new type of magnetic material that is ultra-light and transparent.
? Teen Gene??A puberty gene called "Harry Potter" has been discovered by UK and US scientists.
? Mo' Better Blues??For two centuries, chemists have puzzled over the origin of the beautiful colour obtained of so-called "blue water", a familiar phenomenon to Native Americans for millennia.
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Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

If you are working on a fascinating formulation or a marvellous material, or perhaps you think your compound is simply cool, then tell us about it and visit our Gallery of Celebrity Molecules.


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