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April 2004

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? X-rays Reveal PSII Secret??Water seems like the perfect energy source, packed, as it is, with two atoms of hydrogen per molecule.
? Magnetic Plastics??Cheap, lightweight, non-metallic magnets could result from the discovery of badly behaved electrons in a new type of free radical discovered by US researchers.
? Chemists Hail a New Antioxidant??A new family of antioxidants that are 100 times more effective than Vitamin E could be used at much smaller doses in dietary supplements and cosmetics but provide the same benefits.
? Shipping News?International shipping may be one of the largest sources of air pollutants along the Norwegian coast and in the Northern Atlantic, forming ground-level ozone and acidifying shorelines, according to Norwegian researchers.
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? A review of structures which have been elucidated to date using ACD/Structure Elucidator by Mikhail Elyashberg, Kirill Blinov and Antony Williams (PDF, 453 Kb).

Quanalyst: Visualizing Relationships between Spectral Properties in NMR Data Series by?Brent Lefebvre, Tony Williams, Sergey Golotvin (PDF, 1064 Kb).

Investigating Ways to Track Down your Data: A Novel Approach to Analytical Data Management for the Forensic Lab by?Jeanette Grant and Sherry Gregory (PDF, 6780 Kb).
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