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Jan-Feb 2005

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Ibogaine Gaining on Alcohol Addiction??Alcohol abuse might be quenched by a chemical extract of a West African shrub, which affects brain proteins.
? Health Benefits of a Chamomile Lawn??Chamomile tea has been seen as a medicinal cure-all for centuries, but only now have UK researchers found evidence that the herbal tea has real benefits in a wide range of health ailments from the common cold to menstrual cramps.
? Polymer Technology Saves Face??The lives of a baby with a jaw tumor, a twelve-year-old girl barely able to open her mouth from birth, and more than fifty other children, have been transformed by a new mineral-polymer composite - PolyHap.
? Plastic Oranges??A catalyst developed at Cornell University can help limonene oxide derived from citrus fruits combine with the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to produce organic polymers, according to Geoffrey Coates and his colleagues.
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? Advanced Chemical Structure Drawing and Handling within the?ACD/Labs Architecture
by Guy Desmarquets (PDF, 1.09 Mb).

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by?Michael Boruta (PDF, 564 Kb).

Advanced UV-IR and Curve Processing
by?Michael Boruta (PDF, 514 Kb).
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