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March 2005

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Fuel Cells??A significant boost to fuel cells that could also cut costs has been demonstrated by US scientists.
? Losing the Sulfur??Dutch researchers have figured out why the activity of catalysts used to produce clean fuels gradually falls.
? Microbial Manufacturing??A bacterium is a microscopic chemical factory producing antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and anticancer drugs no chemist can synthesize, according to chemical engineer Camilla Kao.
? Lighting-up Time for Porphyrin Nanotubes??Finding an inexpensive and sustainable source of hydrogen will be critical to the success of the so-called hydrogen economy in which fuel cells and other devices are driven by the gas.
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by?Michael Boruta, Michel Hachey, Antony Williams (PDF, 1.07 Mb).

Mutual Automated Peak Matching in Chromatography Method Development
by?Michael McBrien, Andrey Bogomolov (PDF, 402 Kb).
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