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June 2005

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Bubble Logic??How to shrink computers logically - that is the aim of chemist Prasanna "AP" de Silva and his team at Queens University Belfast who have spent many years pondering logic gates and how to make them from molecules.
? The Sticky Non-Stick Stuff??Most of us are familiar with Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, to give it its proper name) as the space-race spin-off that lines our pots and pans.
? Oily Solution to Breast Cancer??Potent new weapons in the fight against breast cancer could be developed by combining the commonly used intravenous anesthetic and sedative propofol with omega-3, the fatty acid found in oily fish such as herring, salmon, and mackerel, according to US researchers.
? Massive Attack??A new world record in mass spectrometry has been set by researchers at ETH Zurich.
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? Software for Interactive Curve Resolution Using SIMPLISMA
by Andrey Bogomolov, Michel Hachey, Antony Williams

Outline of a Complete Analytical Data Management System
by?Michel Hachey, Guy Desmarquets, Kevin Turnbull (PDF, 1.24 Mb).

Coupling Assignment and Improved Multiplet Analysis for 1D Spectra
by?Brent Lefebvre, Sergey Golotvin (PDF, 670 Kb).
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