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Jul-Aug 2005

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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? Lending Muscle to Research?On the menu at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, a living bovine offers its choicest cuts to diners. Perhaps the idea of guilt-free meat is at the heart of research into growing meat-like materials in the laboratory.
Rubens Portrait of a Young Lady? Lady in Red Goes Monochrome?The Rubens classic, Portrait of a Young Lady, is losing its color thanks to a small quantity of chloride in the red pigment. Dutch researchers claim to have found the cause.
Household Dust? Flame-Retardant Dust??A new study of exposure to potentially harmful flame retardant compounds reveals household dust as the main source to humans rather than animal and dairy products as had previously been supposed.
Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase? Hangover Culprit Found??Acetaldehyde may be the culprit behind hangovers, according to new research from Japan.
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by?David Adams, Mark Bayliss (PDF, 2.90 Mb).

Heterogeneous Data Management: Linking Related Chromatograms, Mass Spectra, and Other Data Types
by?Andrew Anderson, Mark Bayliss (PDF, 3.08 Mb).
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