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Sept 2005

From David Bradley Science Writer and
Advanced Chemistry Development

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Nickel gallium sulfide? Liquid Magnets?Nickel gallium sulfide (NiGa2S4) may behave as a highly unusual "liquid" magnetic material at near absolute zero, according to Japanese and US researchers.
Nanoparticles? Nano Surprise?A surprising mechanism by which polymers form nanocomposite particles could provide researchers with a new tool for controlling the growth of such materials.
Tricia Serio? When Good Turns Bad??Prions, the protein-like pathogens at the heart of the fatal brain disorder CJD, so-called mad cow disease, and related diseases can rapidly "remodel" good proteins into bad, according to US scientists, who have demonstrated this for the first time in living cells.
Truck? Urea Clean Up??Urea could be the key element in cleaning up diesel exhausts in Europe as new regulations come into effect.
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? Unsymmetrical Covariance Processing of COSY or TOCSY and HSQC NMR Data to Obtain the Equivalent of HSQC-COSY and HSQC-TOCSY Spectra
by Kirill A. Blinov, Nicolay I. Larin, Antony J. Williams, Kent A. Mills, and Gary E. Martin (PDF, 587 Kb).

When Should Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation be Considered?
by Mark O'Neil-Johnson, Shaun Tennant, Antony Williams, Ryan Sasaki (PDF, 758 Kb).

Prediction of Retention Times for Compounds on Mixed Retention Mechanism Stationary Phases
by Eduard Kolovanov, Vadim Tashlitsky, Michael McBrien, Edward H. Kravets, Yury Zelechonok (PDF, 1.06 Mb).
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