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October 2005

Star Picks



Chemogenesis is an e-book that delves into the world of chemical reactions and chemical reactivity. According to its author, British chemist Mark Leach of the University of Salford, it "re-examines the rich science that exists between the periodic table and the established disciplines of inorganic and organic chemistry". Moreover, claims Leach, "it shows how reaction chemistry emerges, develops and bifurcates into the rich, complex, and extraordinary science we experience." There is a lot of information to distil in this e-book, but it could very well be worth the required energy.


Wiki Books - Chemistry?

Wikis, as I've mentioned in previous Star Picks are fast-becoming the "next big thing" on the Internet, and WikiBooks are a fundamental part of that. Check out the Wiki books on chemistry for an open source textbook in our field that anyone can read, write, and edit. As with much of the Wiki world, the content is covered by the GNU Free Document Licence, which means it is guaranteed to remain free and open.