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?Reactive Reports #50
?Nov-Dec 2005
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
Reactive Reports #50
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Peter Murray-Rust?? Peter Murray-Rust, originally a crystallographer with a DPhil from Oxford, has worked at the University of Ghana, the University of Stirling, and at Glaxo where he developed new technologies including molecular graphics, protein structure determination, and intranets. He ran the first multimedia virtual course on the Web (Principles of Protein Structure) at Birkbeck College London and was a virtual chemist at Nottingham University.
Click here for our recent interview with Peter.
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Oogling for Chemists? Oogling for Chemists??Chemists have often berated the online world for a lack of a straightforward search engine that allows them to search for chemical information quickly and easily.
Water wire? Water, Water??Understanding the often anomalous behavior of water could hang by a thread between a sharp silicon point and a mica surface, according to Korean scientists.
Red Glass? Dopey Red Glass??People have been coloring glass for centuries. Even the ancient Romans knew that adding gold to glass would convert it into a ruby-red material when heated in a controlled fashion.
Periodic Features

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? Innovative Approaches to Physicochemical Prediction - the Interrelationship Between logP, pKa, logD, and Solubility Prediction
by Eduard A. Kolovanov, Karim Kassam (PDF, 1.06 Mb).

Addendum to "Using neural networks for 13C NMR chemical shift prediction - comparison with traditional methods"
by Jens Meiler, Brent Lefebvre, Antony Williams and Michel Hachey.

Improving ACD/PhysChem Predictions: Accuracy Extender vs User Training Databases by David C. Adams, Ed Kolovanov (PDF, 579 Kb).
Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

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