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?Reactive Reports #53
?March 2006
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
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Steve Bryant Interview with Steve Bryant
Stephen Bryant graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in 1976, having majored in Chemistry and English. He completed his PhD in 1981 at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in the Department of Biophysics under Mario Amzel and Roberto Poljak on the subject of protein crystallography. Read more...
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? Swell Gels? A new type of microscopic particle that has a hard shell and a soft core that changes structure depending on the temperature has been developed by Walter Richtering and graduate student Ingo Berndt of the University of Aachen, Germany, and Jan Skov Pedersen of the University of ?rhus, Denmark, and their colleagues.
? An Underarm Review? Philippa Darbre of the University of Reading, England, has published a review of the putative health effects of organometallic compounds that mimic estrogen and could increase the burden of "aberrant oestrogen signaling within the human breast".
? Repulsive Particles
When it comes to particles, we usually think of opposites attracting - north and south, positive and negative.
Periodic Features

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? When Should Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation be Considered? by Mark O'Neil-Johnson, Shaun Tennant, Antony Williams, Ryan Sasaki (PDF, 742 Kb).

Indirect Covariance NMR Spectroscopy by G.E. Martin, M. Zell, K.A. Mills, K.A. Blinov, N.I. Larin, M.P. Kvasha, A.J. Williams (PDF, 741 Kb).

Defining and Implementing a Data Workflow for an Analytical Laboratory by Karim Kassam (PDF, 1.38 Mb).
Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

If you are working on a fascinating formulation or a marvellous material, or perhaps you think your compound is simply cool, then tell us about it and visit our Gallery of Celebrity Molecules.


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