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?Reactive Reports #56
?June 2006
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
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William James Griffiths Interview with William James Griffiths
William James Griffiths graduated from Imperial College London in 2004 in Chemistry with Management, he spent several months as a scientist at UK biotech company Celltech, but realized that life behind the bench was not for him and has since invested his time in developing the ChemRefer.com website. Read more...
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? The Weighty Issue of Fat? Butter lovers everywhere will be pleased to learn that there is yet another reason to abandon margarine in favor of their dairy-derived spread.
? A Basic Approach to Chemotherapy? The elusive magic bullet of cancer chemotherapy may be nothing more than a false hope, but now chemists at the University of Kansas have found a way to attack malignant cells with an anticancer drug, while sparing healthy cells.
? NASA Lights Fuse on Planetary Carbon Debate
NASA's FUSE (Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer) has discovered enormous amounts of carbon gas in a dusty disk surrounding a young star named Beta Pictoris.
Periodic Features

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? COSMOS...A New Strategy in HPLC Method Development
by Rudy Sneyers, Willy Janssens, Achille Pluym, Ivan Somers, Mark?Bayliss, Mike McBrien (PDF, 1.85 Mb).

Is it Possible for Software to Identify All of the Molecular Ions in an LC/MS Dataset? by Margaret Antler (PDF, 711 Kb).

Using ACD/Labs software to facilitate drug metabolite identification processes by Heather Meigh, Angus Nedderman, Mark Bayliss (PDF, 301 Kb).
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