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?Reactive Reports #57
?July-August 2006
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
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Andrew Lemon Interview with Andrew Lemon
Lemon was born, and still lives, in the South Hampshire area of Southern England. He gained a first class degree in chemistry with computer science from Reading University and a PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Bath on 'Modeling the biological membrane'. Read more...
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? Smart Materials Self Repair? Dumb materials succumb to rust, but smart materials might be able to heal themselves, thanks to researchers in Europe.
? Cranberry Extracts Against Tooth Decay
Cranberries have a special place in modern herbal folklore, the presence of antioxidant flavonoids in these tart but edible berries are thought to have antimicrobial activity.
? Grape Expectations? Certain Italian grape varieties used in popular red wines may contain high levels of the sleep hormone melatonin, according to an analysis by Marcello Iriti, Mara Rossoni, and Franco Faoro at the University of Milan.
? PEPping Up the Celiac Diet? An enzyme added to foods containing gluten could put an end to the misery of celiac disease for many sufferers, allowing them to eat almost anything they fancy without having to worry about the effects on their digestive system.
? Sweet Solution to Energy Problem? A new process for converting sugar into diesel fuel and feedstock chemicals for the manufacture of plastics, drugs, and other products, could help industry circumvent the problem of rising oil and natural gas prices.
? A Spoonful of Slime Helps the Medicine Go Down
The slime that covers the flat-fish plaice contains an antimicrobial agent that kills Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria causing concern in hospitals across the globe as its drug-resistant strains spread.
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? Resolution of Complex Separations Through Chemometric Analysis of Hyphenated Chromatographic Information by Michael McBrien, Eduard Kolovanov, Vadim Tashlitsky, Andrey Vazhentsev, Mark Bayliss, Vitaly Lashin (PDF, 1.22 Mb).

Advances in the Extraction of Potential Metabolites Using a Self-Optimizing Componentization Algorithm for Peak Extraction and Identification of MS1 Datasets by Robyn Rourick, John Walsh, Mark?Bayliss, Vitaly Lashin (PDF, 322 Kb).

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