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?Reactive Reports #61
?December 2006
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
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Dick Wife Interview with Dick Wife? British-born Richard "Dick" Lewin Wife followed a traditional educational path, receiving his chemistry first degree from the University of Leeds in 1969 and staying on to do an organic PhD with David W. Jones. Read?more...
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? Molecular Light Switch? According to Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann, "Nanotechnology is the result of the marriage of the synthetic talent of Chemists with a device-driven ingenuity."
? Blood, Light, and Water? Two molecules that occur naturally in blood have been engineered by scientists from the UK and Japan to use sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.
? Plastic Shape Shifter? Temperature-controlled "triple-shaped plastics" that can change shape from one form to another, then another, have been developed by researchers in Germany and the US.
? Bedwetting Chemistry? A higher concentration of sodium and urea in urine could underlie a type of bedwetting in children that does not respond to the common medication, desmopressin.
? Rubber Suits You Sir? Military personnel, chemical workers, and others could benefit from a new synthetic rubber material tailored with liquid crystals.
? Biomolecules Out on a Wing? Photonic crystals give butterflies their beautiful colors and synthetic versions are now being developed for a range of technological applications.
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