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?Reactive Reports #65
?May 2007
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
? Reactive Science News sciencebase science newsfeed
? Meeting of Molecular Movie Stars? A clandestine meeting between molecules, a chemical handshake, and an exchange of energy have all been recorded on camera by scientists in the UK and Germany.
? The Long and the Short of It? A new composite material that acts as a catalyst to speed up chemical reactions has been developed to create arrays of the world's longest carbon nanotubes.
? A Scent for Explosives? A new type of biosensor based on yeast, jellyfish proteins, and a rat's sense of smell could sniff out explosives, landmines, and agents, such as sarin gas, according to researchers at Temple University.
? Windows Cause Pollution? This is not another terrible advertisement for an alternative computer operating system to the eponymous installation mentioned in the title, but an environmental analysis that reveals how dirty windows are a major contributor to urban pollution.
? Reactive People [Previous Reactions...] Reactive People Chemist Interviews
Steve Bachrach A Chemist's Thoughts on Computational Power and the Future of 'The Chemical Web'? Computational chemist Steven Bachrach was torn between physics and chemistry. Luckily for the chemical community he found a happy medium in which to explore. Read?more...
Snapshots of Celebrity Molecules

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