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?Reactive Reports #72
?January 2008
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
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? Ice Age the Movie? The ordered structure of ice dissolves little by little into disorder when a tiny burst of light hits an ice crystal. At least that's what computer simulations of the process carried out by Swedish researchers from the University of Uppsala would suggest.
? Seagull as Environmental Canary? Seagulls may be the unwitting canary in the proverbial coalmine allowing us to monitor oil pollution levels in marine environments more precisely than before, according to scientists in Spain.
? Small and Sensitive? A tiny prototype sensor device that can quickly sniff out minute quantities of hazardous gases, including toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents, is being developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
? Butanol Biofuel Bandwagon? In 2006, chemical manufacturer DuPont and oil company BP announced a collaboration with British Sugar to convert sugar beets into butanol as a gasoline-blending additive in the UK. Now, it seems others are seeing the potential benefits of jumping aboard the butanol bandwagon.
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Andrew Sun Reactive Profile?Sun Rises in the East? Weixiang "Andrew" Sun is a graduate student in the College of Material Science & Engineering, at South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, PR China. He is interested in "bottom-up" approaches to constructing nanoscale materials and currently working on the thermogelation of a diblock copolymer and its inclusion complexes with alpha-cyclodextrin.? Read?more...

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