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?Reactive Reports #73
?April 2008
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
? Reactive People [Previous Reactions...] Reactive People Chemist Interviews
Egon Willighagen Reactive Profile?Egon Willighagen? Egon Willighagen is one of the new breed of chemists who are using the information tools of our age?the blogs, wikis, and online social media?to further their chemistry and benefit the wider chemical community. ? Read?more...
? Reactive Science News sciencebase science newsfeed
? Super Insulator? Superconductors, materials with zero electrical resistance, have been known for decades, but their counterpoint materials, the superinsulators, could transform materials research and electronics design.
? Gator Aid? Biochemist Mark Merchant of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has investigated a range of proteins found in gator blood that might one day be used to fight serious infections.
? Fake Bird Flu? International health organizations are lying in wait for the emergence of a form of avian influenza that could spread between people and lead to a global epidemic, killing millions.

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