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?Reactive Reports #74
?July 2008
From David Bradley Science Writer
and?Advanced Chemistry Development
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Noel O'Boyle Reactive Profile?Noel O'Boyle? Noel O'Boyle is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Development Group at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre in Cambridge, and is interested in drug discovery, protein-ligand docking, cheminformatics, QSAR, and computational chemistry.? Read?more...
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? Communicating with Logical Chemistry? Alberto Credi of the University of Bologna, Italy, and colleagues have built a simple glowing molecule that can carry out logical operations of the kind used in encoding the data transmitted down fiber-optic cables for voice and internet connections.
? Rocky Water Source? Gypsum, a rocky mineral abundant in desert regions where fresh water is usually in short supply, could become a novel source of fresh water there, as well as providing a way to make use of "flared" gas from oil fields.
? Diabetes Sufferers Might Sing Mulberry Bush? Clinical trials of a proprietary mulberry leaf extract demonstrated a significant effect on lowering blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients.

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