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August 2000

Star Picks



At a time when the chemical industry itself has only just latched on to the idea of creating its own B2B web system, sites such as WorldChemNet are already hard at it. This site provides a powerful sales and marketing tool for the chemical and pharmaceutical community and with $30-35 mln being traded each week in more than 60 countries, it is obviously sizing up well for industry decision makers across the globe.



If ever there were a time to encourage young people into the sciences then it is now. Long gone are the days of blind enthusiasm for every idea science came up with and now we recognise that the misuse of some of those very ideas has led us into many environmental and health problems that now offer no simple solutions. However, an informed public and scientific awareness are our best means of tackling them. ChemCases.com (from Kennesaw State University) is an NSF-supported curriculum project that hopes to inspire young people towards science, medicine, pharmacy and engineering. A worthy site indeed.

Science Reference Room?????

???Science Reference Room

It's a bit pass? these days to include an "under construction" sign on your site, as if web sites are meant to be static entities once they are constructed, but we'll forgive Arizona State U Noble Library that minor faux pas. What they are building here is a selected library and Internet resource that carries chemical, physical, thermodynamic, mechanical, toxicological, and safety data. You can find resources for almost everything from "abrasion resistance" to Young's modulus here and while not every entry is a hyperlink there are still real libraries around that have shelf upon shelf of books gathering dust. It would be such a shame to waste them just because we've gone digital.

World's largest periodic table?????
(sorry, the link has become unavailable)

World's largest periodic table???

What's the strangest thing you might want to do with a football field? Convert it into a record-breaking periodic table that's what! More than 400 teachers and students at Creekview High School in Carrollton, Texas, certainly know how to have fun with chemistry and deserve a Star Pick in recognition of their efforts displayed in full colour on their web site. The team who put together this stupendous PT is led by "off-center" chemistry teacher, Mr. Abronowitz and "sane" chemistry teachers, Mrs Ehsani and Mr Orts. Funa and games on the sportsfield!

???Combi-web Consortium

Combi-web Consortium?????

The various sites within the combi-web consortium provide comprehensive information on the combinatorial chemistry scene. News, symposia and meetings, research papers, information on journals, books, vacancies, a supplier index and online products and much more. Everything you could want from this multiplying area of chemistry. The member sites are all interlinked too making it easy to find your way to particularly pertinent resources.