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September 2000

From David Bradley Science Writer

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Sensing a turn on The list of biological processes that rely on nitric oxide (NO) continues to grow - it is involved in muscle relaxation, the immune response, memory and, of course, sexual arousal and plenty more besides.

CAS Electronic pre-prints are now being abstracted by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the company says, although it estimates that pre-prints will amount to no more than 1% of its database this year.

Plotting chemicals Researchers at Northwestern University have built a device that can draw patterns of tiny lines just 30 molecules thick and a single molecule high.

Fullerenes on film According to Prashant Kamat of Notre Dame Radiation laboratory Notre Dame, Indiana, fullerenes are possible candidates for harvesting solar energy but past efforts have reported very low photocurrents (less than a microampere).

Meteoric fullerenes? Roger Taylor one of the original team at the University of Sussex that discovered the fullerenes has now reported that fullerenes are not found in ancient meteorite deposits as some researchers had previously claimed. The discovery sheds a different light on a recent patent refusal.
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