Monthly Archives: April 2008

Arty with a Capital F and the Myth of Absinthe

I’ve got a bottle of absinthe, at the back of a shelf in our store-cupboard. Unopened this bottle of green uber-liquor languishes untested awaiting an appropriate occasion when a drink containing 70 percent alcohol (140 proof) is required. It’ll probably …

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Interview with Egon Willighagen

Check out my interview with chemical blogger Egon Willighagen, one of the new breed of chemists who are using the information tools of our age—the blogs, wikis, and online social media—to further their chemistry and benefit the wider chemical community. …

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Super insulator

Superconductors, materials with zero electrical resistance, have been known for decades, but their counterpoint materials, the superinsulators, could transform materials research and electronics design. Now, an international team of scientists has created a material that at close to absolute zero …

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