Monthly Archives: October 2008

Alzheimer and Arachidonic Acid

Researchers at the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease at the University of California San Francisco have found that removing a brain enzyme that regulates the concentration of arachidonic acid, a fatty acid, reduces cognitive deficits in a mouse model of …

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Herbal Highs and Lows

Once again, the BBC is reporting on herbal highs. This time, it tells us that while most legal high pills are based on a group of drugs called piperazines, of which BZP (benzyl piperazine) is the most common and will …

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Chilis and Cancer

If you’ve ever worried that a steaming hot bowl of chili or cajun chicken might be doing you more harm than good, then you’re not alone. Research earlier this decades pointed out that capsaicin (the “hot” compound in red hot …

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