This is the about page for the Reactive Chemistry blog brought to you as part of the Reactive Reports site by David Bradley Science Writer. RR was started in September 1999 by DB and Tony Williams then at ACD/Labs and now running Chemspider.com. The chemistry webzine, one of the very first, was a companion to Elemental Discoveries (1996 onwards), the predecessor to Sciencebase.com also launched 1999). The site brought the latest news from the world of chemistry to web surfers everywhere.

After, almost a decade and 75 packed issues of Reactive Reports, the webzine underwent a major overhaul, part of which involved the relocation of the site’s servers from ACD/Labs to DB’s own web hosting. This transfer has allowed us to implement a WordPress blog as part of the site, as well as to revamp the format of the main pages. The archives will remain intact as will the humor and links pages. The site’s homepage is in transition and currently working as a hybrid between the previous incarnation of Reactive Reports and the new chemistry blog.

As of 2011-12-01 Reactive Reports is a no-comment blog.