Bookmarks for October 9th from 13:37 to 13:50

These are my reactive links for October 9th from 13:37 to 13:50:

  • What did science journalists make of this years science Nobel Prizes? – Knight Science Journalism Tracker discusses the chemistry Nobel and more
  • Sunny side up – Spire Semiconductor has set a new world record for solar cell efficiency. The company, which has been working with the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) under an 18 month incubator project, produced a triple-junction cell with 42.3 per cent conversion efficiency.
  • Researchers discover a new class of highly electronegative chemical species – A new class of highly electronegative chemical species called hyperhalogens, which use superhalogens as building blocks around a metal atom, has been discovered by an international team. The new chemical species may have applications across the chemical industries. The team's approach involving theory and experiment produced a gold-borate hyperhalogen with an electron affinity of 5.7 eV. The team now is testing a hyperhalogen constructed with four boron-dioxide superhalogens and have reached an electron affinity of 7 eV, with a goal of building a hyperhalogen with 10 eV.

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