Does ChemDoodle do?


iChemLabs has announced ChemDoodle 4

It looks interesting but I wanted iChemLabs’ Kevin Theisen to tell me about ChemDoodle’s unique selling point. Apparently, it has at least 6!

1. ChemDoodle is, he tells me, the only chemical drawing brand across desktop, web and mobile.

2. ChemDoodle is fully supported on Windows, Mac and Linux.

3. It’s the least expensive (non-free) option for industry and government.

4. ChemDoodle is the only software in its market compatible with tools like Apple iWork and OpenOffice.

5. You also get full control over every last aspect of your graphics. Stylesheets can be set globally or for each object, you can even change stroke styles for bonds for very creative graphics.

6. Mini applications, called widgets, which perform tasks from simulating NMR, to drawing TLCs, to linking to the company’s partner databases ChemExper, ChemSpider and PubChem.

Theisen adds that those are the major selling points, but there are many more. “This is how we disrupted this industry, and became one of the most popular choices, used by thousands of institutions in over 50 countries,” he says. “Our software offers significant opportunities for customers, and I believe that is why many have switched to using ChemDoodle.”

So, is ChemDoodle the Cock of the Walk? Is it a ChemDoddle? Let me know what you think. (Incidentally, this is not a paid post, the software is new and looks interesting, even if it does cost money. Perish the thought that we have to pay for anything these days, eh?)

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