Chemical happenings

These are the Reactive chemistry news links up to 15:25:

  • Chemical happenings on the web – This week, the Alchemist hears how starfish mucus could be the next lead in anti-inflammatory drug research, while chromatography uses macrocyclic starch molecules to go green. News of an arsenic-based bacteria is greatly exaggerated (allegedly) but energy-rich waste water may be the fuel of the future. In organic supramolecular ionic chemistry, the pyrrole unit helps a Japanese team synthesis nanostructured fibrous and soft materials. Finally, the 2012 ACS president is announced.
  • A Christmas chemical – A tale of chemical and microbes for Christmas…
  • LEDs not so green, after all – Toxic chemicals could leach into landfill from waste LEDs, according to a new study, meaning this low-energy lighting alternative may not be so green as we thought…
  • Bottled up confusion – Can two small molecules be trapped in the same molecular cavity at the same time? A storm in a microscopic teacup is brewing that could lead to major changes in the way chemists deposit crystal structure data.

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