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Filtered chemistry news from Robert Slinn for Reactive Reports.

  • Luminescence gives 2D pH images – Researchers in Germany have devised a safe method to image the pH of tissue in the human body. The method, which involves measuring the luminescence of injected dyes, could help physicians monitor wound healing and tumour growth.
  • ‘Green’ chemistry extraction method developed for hot capsicum fruit – Of personal interest to me, a noteworthy new research study from New Mexico State University presents a process for efficient extraction of these red pigments using "green chemistry." The method recovers 85% or greater of the pigmented carotenoids from dried Capsicum and reduces the hazardous waste and environmental risks associated with traditional extraction methods.
  • Van-der-Waals force up close: Physicists take new look at the atom – Measuring the attractive forces between atoms and surfaces with unprecedented precision, University of Arizona physicists have produced data that could refine our understanding of the structure of atoms and improve nanotechnology.
  • Caffeine energizes cells, boosting virus production for gene therapy applications – Give caffeine to cells engineered to produce viruses used for gene therapy and the cells can generate 3- to 8-times more virus, according to a paper published in Human Gene Therapy, a peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
  • Possible new approach to treating a life-threatening blood disorder – A team of researchers, led by José López, at the Puget Sound Blood Center, Seattle, has generated data in mice that suggest that the drug N-acetylcysteine (NAC), which is FDA approved as a treatment for chronic obstructive lung disease and as an antidote for toxicity due to acetaminophen (paracetamol), might provide a rapid and effective treatment for patients with Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) through its ability to decrease the size of von Willebrand factor multimers.

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