Latest chemistry news – Slinn Pickings

Guest contributor, chemist Robert Slinn of the University of Liverpool, filters the latest happenings from the world of chemistry.

  • The Salt in the Soup of Evolution – Microbiologists at the Institute of Biology II of the University of Freiburg have discovered a previously unknown central metabolic pathway in microorganisms. The life forms use this pathway to survive under extremely salty conditions, such as in the Dead Sea.
  • ‘Breast-on-a-chip’ to test nanomedical cancer research – Purdue University researchers have reproduced portions of the female breast in a tiny slide-sized model dubbed "breast on-a-chip" that will be used to test nanomedical approaches for the detection and treatment of breast cancer.
  • Unexpected Find Opens Up New Front in Effort to Stop HIV – HIV adapts in a surprising way to survive and thrive in its hiding spot within the human immune system, scientists have learned. While the finding helps explain why HIV remains such a formidable foe after three decades of research – more than 30 million people worldwide are infected with HIV – it also offers scientists a new, unexpected way to try to stop the virus.
  • Scientists Find Industrial Pollutants in Eastern Lake Erie Carp – Researchers from Upstate New York institutions, including the University at Buffalo, have documented elevated levels of two industrial pollutants in carp in eastern Lake Erie.
  • MU logo News Bureau University of Missouri About the News Bureau Contact Us Home / News Releases / 2011 Dow AgriSciences, MU Researcher Develop a Way to Control “Superweed" – Thanks to the work of researchers at Dow AgroSciences, LLC, who have been collaborating with a University of Missouri researcher, a new weapon may be on the horizon to eliminate superweeds.

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