Download Chemicalize for WP

The WordPress plugin I asked the Chemicalize team to develop is now available for general download – Chemicalize for WordPress. Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress blog and readers will see chemical names highlighted in your posts. Mousing over a name will pop up a structure box that is clickable through to the Chemicalize page with chemical properties and other information.

Thanks to Alex Allardyce at Chemaxon for first alerting me to the company’s site and to programmer Andras Stracz for patient programming of the plugin while I undertook testing.

Just so you can see the plugin in action I’ve added a few chemical names to this page: benzene, ethanol, aspirin, taxol. However, your mouse over the names and the Chemicalize box for each should appear, click the box and you will head off to the Chemicalize site where you can work through the rich chemical data for that compound.

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