Latest chemistry news from RS

  • Scripps Research Method Reveals New View of Human Nerve Cells, Opening Door to Potential Drug Targets – Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute and University of Pennsylvania have found a way to uncover potential drug targets that have so far remained hidden from researchers’ view.
  • Genetics is Top of the Pops in science research – Genetics is still the hottest area of scientific research, a decade on from the mapping of the human genome, despite slow progress in translating discoveries into new medical treatments.
  • Nanodiamond Therapeutic Delivery Agents Mediate Enhanced Chemoresistant Tumor Treatment – Nanodiamond (ND) Therapeutic Delivery Agents mediate enhanced chemoresistant tumor treatment in mouse models. Thus, ND-conjugated chemotherapy represents a promising, biocompatible strategy for overcoming chemoresistance and enhancing chemotherapy efficacy and safety.

The latest issue of “Slinn Pickings”. Chemistry news handpicked by chemist and writer Robert Slinn, who distils the chemical web in his regular guest blog posts for Reactive Reports.

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