Nature’s Chemistry

Eight chemists share their vision of chemistry in the inaugural issue of Nature Chemistry is published today.

Nobel Laureate Ryoji Noyori considers how chemical synthesis should develop so that chemists might tackle global problems. Harry Gray outlines plans for making solar power viable, while Jim Clark discusses the green chemistry revolution.

Barbara Imperiali highlights how chemistry allows us to explore the complexities of life while Gary Hieftje looks at the instrumentation for taking a closer look. mark Johnson explains the eternal synergy that exists between experiment and theory.

Achim Müller’s astounding inorganic supramolecular shows how structure relates to properties while Fraser Stoddart’s rich organic supramolecular chemistry offers untold rewards for new systems with emergent properties.

The new journal has several new features that might be worth a look:

Article annotated with compounds and link-outs

Article with bold compound numbers with pop-up structures and compound pages

Example of a compound page

Ryoji Noyori, Harry Gray, Mark Johnson, Barbara Imperiali, Gary Hieftje, James Clark, Achim Müller, & Fraser Stoddart (2009). The future of chemistry Nature Chemistry, 1 (1), 5-5 DOI: 10.1038/nchem.139

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