Spliced and diced RNA

Biomolecular NMR experts in Germany have discovered how the U2AF protein facilitates the process of splicing used by cells to make the correct template for RNA transcription and the subsequent expression of proteins. More on this in my column on …

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Open catalysts

Researchers in China have developed a new process for making zeolite catalysts with wide open pores. Their controllable synthesis leads to materials active in the conversion of methanol to propylene with a high, 98%, conversion rate. More Opening up catalysts

High-temperature Alchemist

Spent the weekend on the coast in scorching temperatures, so posting the latest Alchemist link a little late – The Alchemist Newsletter: July 27, 2020 – New understanding of high-temperature superconductors meshes theory and experiment after twenty years of research …

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X-ray virus

X-ray crystallography reveals the structure of a common virus that causes gastroenteritis and juvenile diarrhoea, the astrovirus, hinting at the development of potential drugs for this nasty illness. More Astrovirus X-rayed.

Cracking diamonds reveals continental origins

An analysis of the mineral inclusions in diamonds dredged up by eruptions from deep within the Earth has allowed scientists to get a handle on when the process of plate tectonics began. Trapped within the diamonds are tiny inclusions, the …

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A definitive Periodic Table?

My recent Research Highlight on ChemistryViews.org about the nature of the Periodic Table of the Elements attracted a lot of readers and has stimulated an ongoing debate among those arguing as to whether or not there is a definitive format …

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