Periodic table of elements with names

Regular readers will know that I often publish weird and wonderful stuff about the periodic table and even created a periodic table of science bloggers, but lots of irregular readers have been hitting the Reactive Reports chemistry news blog lately looking specifically for a periodic table of elements “with names”, occasionally an “extended periodic table” and slightly less commonly they are looking for a rarefied “periodic table with atomic masses”.

There are so many PTs on the web that it’s hard to single out any particular one for highlighting, but the WebElements site is the archetypal web-based periodic table it’s been around for so long there’s actually rust on the entry for iron. The American Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry both have their own PTs and then there are sites that list many of the others. There is even a periodic table of periodic tables. But, if you want an audio periodic table you can do no better than Tom Lehrer’s classic periodic table song, The Elements.


  1. ChemSpiderman, Antony Williams

    If you were to request the additional of one MORE Periodic Table of Elements online…what would it do? How would it be different?

    Did you see Theo Gray’s “Elements” on the iPad yet? Beautiful….truly wonderful

  2. David Bradley

    Oh, I could think of a few enhancements, like linking out to current hot news on an element perhaps…I’d like to have a WordPress minified PT for this site that would sit on top of the sidebar and give readers access to information Wiki style…

  3. Eric Scerri

    Yes Theo’s app for the i-Pad is quite outstanding. Also see the recent book on the elements by Sam Kean.

    And when you start yearning something a little deeper maybe take a look at my book,
    The periodic table, its story and its significance, oxford university press, 2007.

    all the best
    eric scerri :razz: