Six Slinn Picks – chemical news

  • Team solves decades-old molecular mystery linked to blood clotting – Researchers report that they are the first to describe in atomic detail a chemical interaction that is vital to blood clotting.
  • Hard x-rays to watch chemical reactions – Chemists can now peer deeper into a material to follow chemical reactions thanks to a new x-ray technique.
  • Nanomedicine allows ‘self-diagnosing’ therapy with theragnostic drug nanocarriers – Early diagnosis and accurate drug delivery are vital to effective cancer therapy. Jin Suck Suh from Yonsei University and colleagues from a number of institutes in Korea have now developed a new type of particle that can achieve both: diagnosing cancer cells and delivering targeted therapeutic agents.
  • Environment & Energy – The EU is banning the use of cadmium, a heavy metal carcinogen, in plastics, jewellery and brazing or soldering sticks from December this year.
  • Nanospray for nanodrugs – Teams from the US and Germany have developed a spray drying technique to fabricate drug formulations smaller than 100nm for pharmaceutical trials, improving the drugs' solubility, or bioavailability.
  • The Periodic Table of Videos – Our project was devised by Brady Haran, a BBC-trained video journalist, who had spent a year filming University of Nottingham scientists at work. Inspired by his time working with chemistry researchers, he suggested making a periodic table of videos (PTOV,, and within days, filming had begun.

Chemist and writer Robert Slinn picks six of the best for his regular web column on Reactive Reports – Slinn Pickings.

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