Slinn Pickings: alt agriculture

  • Alternative Agriculture – The debate over genetically engineered crops rages on, but other technologies offer new hope for sustainable farming.
  • The Genes of Parkinsons Disease – Parkinson’s cases with genetic origins are shedding light on the cellular mechanisms of the disease, bringing researchers closer to a cause — and perhaps a cure
  • New nanomaterials unlock new electronic and energy technologies – A new way of splitting layered materials to give atom thin "nanosheets" has been discovered. This has led to a range of novel two-dimensional nanomaterials with chemical and electronic properties that have the potential to enable new electronic and energy storage technologies.
  • Scripps Research scientists develop powerful new methodology for stabilizing proteins – A team of scientists at The Scripps Research Institute has discovered a new way to stabilize proteins — the workhorse biological macromolecules found in all organisms. Proteins serve as the functional basis of many types of biologic drugs used to treat everything from arthritis, anemia, and diabetes to cancer.
  • ‘Tall order’ sunlight-to-hydrogen system works, neutron analysis confirms – Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a biohybrid photoconversion system — based on the interaction of photosynthetic plant proteins with synthetic polymers — that can convert visible light into hydrogen fuel.

Robert Slinn refluxes the chemistry news and extracts a goodly yield for Reactive Reports in his regular column: Slinn Pickings.

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