Slinn Pickings chemistry news

  • A protein reinforces memory and prevents forgetfulness – An international research study has shown that, in animal models, type 2 insulin (IGF-II) growth factor reinforces memory and prevents forgetfulness.
  • New gift from Mother Nature’s medicine chest may help prevent and treat bone diseases – One of Mother Nature's latest gifts to medical science, Largazole, is stirring excitement with the discovery that the substance — obtained from a coral-reef inhabiting cyanobacterium — appears to be an ideal blueprint for developing new drugs for serious fractures, osteoporosis, and other bone diseases.
  • New Technique Boosts High-Power Potential For Gallium Nitride Electronics – Gallium nitride (GaN) material holds promise for emerging high-power devices that are more energy efficient than existing technologies — but these GaN devices traditionally break down when exposed to high voltages. Now researchers at North Carolina State University have solved the problem, introducing a buffer that allows the GaN devices to handle 10 times greater power.
  • A Cool Way to Make Glass – Prof. Eran Rabani of Tel Aviv University's School of Chemistry and his colleagues at Columbia University have discovered a new quantum mechanical effect with glass-forming liquids. They've determined that it's possible to melt glass — not by heating it, but by cooling it to a temperature near Absolute Zero.
  • Breathing easy: LSU biochemists offer first 3-D model of asthma-causing inflammation enzyme – LSU graduate student Nathanial Gilbert and professor of biological sciences Marcia Newcomer, together with associate professor Sue Bartlett, have developed the first 3-D model of Human 5-Lipoxygenase, or 5-LOX, the molecule responsible for creating inflammatory compounds that provoke asthma. This model will serve as a target for the design of new, more effective asthma medication.

Robert Slinn refluxes the chemistry news and extracts a goodly yield for Reactive Reports in his regular column: Slinn Pickings.

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