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Slinn Pickings – latest chemistry news

Renowned chemist Robert Slinn distils the latest from the world of chemistry What is life? New answers to an age-old question in astrobiology – Biologists have been unable to agree on a definition of the complex phenomenon known as "life." …

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Avoiding climate clangers in Copenhagen

Solid science has to underpin any environmental initiatives, both governmental and corporate, that claim to address energy, emissions, and climate change issues, RSC boss Richard Pike says, and we must teach teenagers how to spot the climate clangers now. Three …

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Carbon Dioxide Solution

Have you heard of the Stenger Wasas Process (SWAP)? Apparently, it’s an exothermic reaction (produces heat) that takes place between carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and “eliminates” both. It operates over a secret heterogeneous catalyst that is apparently readily available …

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