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Chemical cages, resveratrol and asthma

These are my reactive chemistry links for: Caged molecules – Can you trap two small molecules at the same time in a hollow molecular cavity  and still call them two separate molecules, or is something more bizarre happening in this …

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Hydrogen storage, red wine, forensics

Crystal clear hydrogen storage – Solid materials rich in hydrogen, such as ammonia borane could help solve the gas storage problem for vehicle fuel cells. Now, a crystal structure of an alternative material, DADB, offers new hope of a stable …

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A Tasty Approach to Flavanoids

The flavanone structure is a tough act to swallow, synthetically speaking. Its the common skeleton for flavonoids and other compounds in plant-derived food and drink, such as red wine, dark chocolate, green tea, soy, milk thistle, kosam root, and citrus …

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