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Chemicalize your molecules

Chemicalize.org is a new, free service from ChemAxon. It uses their “name to structure” parsing and structure-based predictions to identify chemical structures from web pages and other text and provide predicted data related to each structure, which seems like a …

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Diagnosing Disease With a CD Player

Years ago, I wrote about the lab-on-a-CD concept (actually it was in the September 2001 issue of Reactive Reports). Now, it seems the use of CD-ROMs and DVDs and the hardware used to play these popular audio and video compact …

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Killer Shellfish – Domoic Acid

Domoic acid, a toxin produced by algae that can infest shellfish, is to blame for the recent spate of deaths from seafood poisoning, according to reports. The California Department of Health Services has detected elevated levels of domoic acid in …

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