The terrifying cloud of bull that hangs over us

There is so much woo and nonsense in the world from hands-off massage to hedge funds that it is creating a nasty stink the world over. There is an awful bovine guff, the lowing miasma of cattle, a veritable nuage de merde. And, it’s getting bigger day by day. We present the terrifying cloud of bull:

cloud of woo and bullshit

Click the graphic to see it full size, read ‘em and weep. Is your favorite therapy or stockmarket scheme listed?


  1. David Bradley

    I was torn on whether to include string theory, but it still lacks any evidence and is yet to make any validated predictions, so I call it (just for now).

  2. Robert Slinn

    Excellent David, you have it all summed up nicely. If you include string theory then you would also have to include superstring etc.