Permanent lips tattoo: before and after photos, reviews, techniques, healing, consequences


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    What is lips tattoo?

    Lip Tattoo

    Lips Tattoo - a popular procedure that allows you to improve the image and for a long time to refuse to use decorative cosmetics. Despite the absolute safety of the procedure, many girls still relate to it with apprehension. This is due to the negative experiences of women who have not had the opportunity to get to a qualified master, and the result did not meet their expectations.

    Modern methods imply introducing a dye in the surface layer of the skin, due to which the pigment does not remain for life, and if desired, it can always be corrected or completely removed.

    Types of lip tattooing

    Lip tattooing simulates natural makeup. The natural effect lasts for several years with timely correction and refreshing.

    lip tattooing

    Every year there are more and more new techniques of applying pigment, and the most popular today are the following.

    1. Tattoo lip liner without shading. The dye is applied to the outer line of the lips, creating a clear outline. This method of tattooing is suitable for women of age. As the pigment is not filled with the rest of the lips, it is recommended to make the contour in natural colors about half a tone darker than the natural lip color.

    2. Tattoo Lipstick effect. Densely filling the entire lip area with one shade of lip pigment. It is suitable for any age. The result does not look too bright, choose pastel colors.

    3. Aquarelle lip tattoo. Contourless filling of the lips with color by the method of blurring. The result is comparable with a light translucent lip gloss. Such a natural effect suits absolutely everybody and gives freshness to the image.

    4. Ombre lips. Gradient filling is performed over the entire area of the lips. On the outer contour, the shade of pigment will be darker. Thanks to the combination of several tones, it is possible to achieve a significant volume and puffiness of the lips.

    Tattoo Lip Colors to use

    When choosing a shade of lip permanent oriented to the color type of your appearance. Brunettes are suitable for more saturated shades, while blondes, on the contrary, should prefer pastel, soft tones. In addition, remember that permanent lip makeup lasts for several years, so do not choose too strong and garish colors. Bright pigment will be impossible to cover even with decorative cosmetics.

    Girls with cold skin lips suit warm and neutral shades: scarlet, berry terracotta, caramel, etc. Ladies with warm skin can use cool colors, such as pastel pink, chocolate, etc.

    Advantages and disadvantages of permanent lip tattooing

    The permanent lip tattoo has a lot of advantages:

    • durability;

    • aesthetics;

    • durability;

    • disguise flaws;

    • extra volume;

    • correction of shape.

    permanent lip tattoo

    Despite the large number of advantages, the lip tattoo has some disadvantages. Perhaps the most obvious disadvantage is the recovery period, during which you need to limit yourself to water procedures, not to appear in the sun and comply with other recommendations of the specialist.

    How long will the result last

    As a rule, long-term effect of the lip tattoo is the main reason why our clients choose this procedure. This is especially true for those who are allergic to decorative cosmetics and therefore cannot use regular lipsticks and tints. To understand how long will last a cosmetic lip liner, you must consider several factors: the technique of making the dye, the area of dyeing, the selected shade, the depth of the introduction of the pigment, the skill of the specialist, the tools used and the paint. In addition, of great importance are the individual characteristics of the body. The young have a faster metabolism than the people after forty, so in the first case, the permanent will hold less. Clients with dry skin are luckier: dyes are washed out more slowly.

    The lip tattooing procedure takes about an hour and a half. During the procedure, the master applies anesthetic agent to the skin, so that the session was as comfortable as possible for the client. Immediately after the tattooed lips will look unnaturally bright. This does not mean that the wrong shade of dye was chosen. The desired color will finally appear on the skin after the complete healing. As a rule, it takes a month.

    Lip Tattoo

    To be happy with the result as long as possible, you should follow the recommendations of the master and properly care for the skin of the lips after the tattoo. The first correction should be done in a month: in our permanent makeup studio we offer a 50% discount for this procedure.

    Lip tattoo price

    Before you do permanent lip tattoo, read reviews, consult with the master and decide on the technique. Trust only qualified professionals, because the quality of work depends not only on your appearance but also on your health.

    Face Figurati Cosmetic tattoo artists always use disposable sterile needles and work with author's pigments by Anna Kutsevolova. These dyes never go into unwanted shades (blue, green, red). If you don't do correction and decide to return your natural look, the pigments will simply fade and disappear over time. In addition, the pattern made with author's dyes is easy to correct. If desired, it can be removed without trace using special means and techniques. Thanks to an exclusive wide palette of colors experts can pick up the perfect image for each client.

    The cost of lip tattooing depends on the skill of the master, the type of technique. You can view the price list and choose a master on our website. To clarify the actual price, please use the feedback form.

    Who needs the procedure

    If you want to forget about cosmetics for a long time and always look impeccable, choose lip cosmetic tattoo. After this simple procedure, you won't need any lipstick: your lips will always look bright and saturated. And the timely correction or refresh allows you to maintain the effect for several years.

    Cosmetic Tattooing

    Permanent lip make-up is suitable for girls with a pale complexion, ladies of age to correct the contour and those who want to correct the shape of the lips without surgery. It is a great alternative to makeup, especially if you are allergic to it. Dye does not cause side effects, firmly fixed under the skin and does not wash off with water. Many of the fair sex resort to the procedure of tattoo before the beach season, because the makeup at any time of day will be ideal and does not require correction.

    Preparation and contraindications

    Important: Before making an appointment for a session, you should consult your doctor who will be able to establish whether you have any contraindications for the procedure. Also, find out if you are allergic to lidocaine, as it is contained in painkillers.

    The procedure can not be done by patients with diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension, persons with hormonal disorders, during pregnancy and lactation.

    Another contraindication for the lip tattoo is a period of exacerbation of herpes: the pigment will not take root completely, and the skin will heal for a very long time. For preventive purposes, a week before or within a week after the procedure, you can take Acyclovir.

    A week before the tattoo is not recommended to sunbathe: the skin should have a natural shade, the only way to pick up the color pigment. The day before the session do not drink alcohol, and on the day of the procedure do not drink coffee. Also, do not take any medications that affect blood clotting, it will adversely affect the ripening of the dye.

    Stages of the procedure

    At the consultation the master listens to your wishes on the tattoo, picks up the desired color of the lip contour and the rest of the skin surface. Before manipulation, the specialist applies anesthesia. After a few minutes, you can start introducing the pigment with a pen or tattoo machine. During the process, if necessary, anesthesia is used again so that you do not feel discomfort. After the procedure, the specialist will give recommendations on skin care.

    Lip tattooing session consists of several consecutive custom steps.

    1. Pigment Selection

    Firstly, the master selects the right shade of pigment, based on personal preferences of the client. The professional necessarily takes into account the color of hair, eyebrows, skin and eyes. Sometimes clients cannot independently assess whether the chosen color is suitable for them or not. Experienced professionals know how to create a perfect image and emphasize only the merits of appearance, hiding flaws.

    1. Preparation for the procedure, application and coordination of the sketch

    When the color is chosen, the preparation for the procedure begins. The master chooses a suitable technique and draws a sketch on the lips with a cosmetic pencil. So the client immediately sees what the result will be, and if it suits him, the specialist proceeds to further action.

    1. Skin cleansing and anesthetic application

    Before the procedure, makeup should be removed from the skin and treated with an antiseptic. Then the expert applies an anesthetic ointment, gel or spray. As a rule, after a few minutes the skin is completely insensitive, and it is possible to introduce the pigment.

    1. Pigment introduction

    Depending on the chosen technique, the technician uses either a pen or a machine. We use the finest sterile needles which cause the least possible damage to the skin. The pigment is applied with the device to a small depth. The duration of the session depends on the area of application.

    1. Anesthesia during the procedure

    Anesthesia during tattooing allows for complete elimination of discomfort. An anesthetic is used twice: before the session and during the work. In the middle of the procedure, the master applies a liquid-based anesthetic directly on the lip skin. Lidocaine and other active ingredients in the product have an immediate effect and make the procedure comfortable.

    At the end of the session, the specialist treats the skin with chlorhexidine and gives care recommendations.

    Healing and care

    It is important to follow all the lip tattoo healing recommendations for the care of the skin after permanent lip makeup. In the first days it will seem that the effect does not meet expectations, but do not worry: the desired color will appear after the skin is completely healed. During this period, the main thing to treat your lips regularly antibacterial agents, and to get rid of a feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin, use cosmetic Vaseline. Remember that the durability of permanent makeup depends on 70% of the correct care before and after the procedure.

    The first day after the session there will be a slight swelling, which can be relieved by a cold compress. The color will be excessively saturated, but do not be afraid of this. In a month, the desired color will appear in full. In the first few days, drink through a tube and do not eat spicy food.

    Remove the crusts formed categorically impossible, they must fall off by themselves. Otherwise, there will be extensive gaps in the color, and it will take longer for the wounds to heal. For two weeks, avoid visiting the sauna and swimming pool. Use sunscreen when going outdoors.

    In a month, be sure to undergo correction, where the formed gaps will be filled and, if necessary, the tone will be changed to a richer one. How does cosmetic tattooing melbourne lip makeup look like before and after the correction can be seen in the photo. The unevenness of color is gone, the contour has become clear, the lips have gained a natural look.

    Possible consequences

    Poor quality tools and materials can lead to asymmetry and inflammation. An unqualified specialist can make a lot of mistakes with the choice of color, shape and method of application. Because of this, you will have to lip tattoo removal the pigment with a remuver or laser tattoo removal. You can avoid negative consequences by contacting our studio. Professionals will help you to create a perfect image, and you will enjoy the stunning result for many years!

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